Strykover Slivovitz

Slivovitz was given the gold Monde Selection medal

Strykover Slivovitz brand is composed of two exquisite types of slivovitz: Luxury and Premium. Traditional, Polish, best. Strong and intensely fruity.
The classic of the slivovitz genre.

The purest slivovitz.
No additives.

Traditional recipe. The highest production standards. The best Polish plums and crystal clear water.

Strykover Slivovitz Luxury

Alcohol content: 40%
Volume: 0,5 L

Strykover Slivovitz Premium

Alcohol content: 69%
Volume: 0,5 L

Natural ingredients and traditional technolog

We use solely and exclusively natural, premium, specially selected ingredients, crystal clear water and fruits of the highest quality. We carefully prepare slivovitz, according to traditional technology, which requires time and engagement, but produces perfect results.

Slivovitz – strong, dry

Our slivovitz is produced of fermented mash, obtained from pulp made of selected and ground plums. The purple plum is most frequently chosen for the production due to its intense fragrance and taste. Some fruit is at times ground along with stones, which gives slivovitz an additional aroma.
Mash is distilled once or twice, depending on how strong the alcohol is supposed to be.

Strykover Slivovitz is kosher

It means that it is produced according to strict kosher standards, based on using the best, natural ingredients and the production is carried out according to attested technologies. Our alcoholic drink belongs to the élites of the best, natural, traditional slivovitz in the world.

Gold Medal Monde Selection
for Strykover Slivovitz Premium

The oldest institution in the world which checks quality of alimentary products is the International Quality Monde Selection, founded in 1961 in Belgium. The prizes awarded by this respectable institution are a special honour acknowledging producers’ efforts. Strykover Slivovitz Premium earned the Gold Medal.

Hassidic leader from Szydlowiec

A Hassidic leader from Szydlowiec once said that slivovitz was a gift given from God to the Jewish nation after they had been exiled from Spain (1492).
Slivovitz brings joy, gives relief and comfort to those who consume it; sharing it with others brings people together and gives livelihood to those who produce it.

The words of the honest and wise Hassidic leader are still valid today. Strykover Slivovitz perfectly warms you up, lifts your mood and lets you find strength to face your destiny.

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