Strykover Apple Vodka

Okovita from apples

Strykover Apple Vodka – intensely fruity, apple and genuinely Polish spirits. It is manufactured according to the best traditions, thanks to orchard generosity and in harmony with nature.

The Polish term okowita comes from Latin acqua vitae which means ”water of life”.

Okovita – water of life

Okovita is a traditionally manufactured spirits beverage. It used to be produced mainly from grains and potatoes. Later on, it was made of herbs and fruit and in Poland most frequently from carefully selected apple varieties.

Characteristic taste

Strykover Apple Vodka is a fruity, apple vodka with a characteristic flavour and fragrance, obtained thanks to the usage of exclusively natural ingredients. It is a pretty strong drink, containing 38% of alcohol, yet having a taste of ripe apples. It tastes wonderful plain, with ice and as a part of drinks.
Alcohol content: 38%
Volume: 500 ml

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