Mille Secco

White wine made of GLERA wine variety

Mille Secco brand came into being in 2018 with a taste for Prosecco wine, which is becoming more and more popular in the world. In our production we use Glera wine variety, imported from the best Italian vineyards.

Charmat method

Light sparkling wine Mille Secco is manufactured according to the so-called Charmat method. In contrast to the Champagne method, the second fermentation process takes place not in the bottle but in pressurized wine tanks, and only when the sparkling wine is ready, it gets bottled.

The process of carbonation and bottling is carried out entirely in Poland. Our co-called frizzante wines (sparkling) are saturated with carbon dioxide to a medium level (from 1 to 2,5 bars).



Polish-Italian composition

By creating our sparkling wine Mille Secco we take advantage of over 20-year experience of Polish technologists and knowledge of our Italian partners. Its quality and taste absolutely do not differ from Prosecco wines manufactured in Italy in the region of Veneto, which is confirmed by consumers and sommeliers.

Glera wine variety

A prosecco wine variety has been called by its synonym ‘Glera’ since 2009 in order to distinguish the denomination of the viticulture region from the wine variety. Its green variety has been grown for centuries in the regions of Veneto and Friuli.

Glera ripens at the end of the season. It is highly acid and has a rather neutral taste, which makes it perfect for the production of sparkling wines.

Alcohol content: 10%
Volume: 750 ml

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