7 Orchards Cider

From Polish apples

7 Orchards Cider is made of high-quality raw materials. Juicy Polish apples constitute its basis. The unique flavour and delicately sparkling texture as well as gentle aroma call to mind an idyllic atmosphere of a beautifully smelling garden.

Flavour varieties

In the range of 7 Orchards brand there are the following flavour varieties:

apple flavour - 7 Orchards Cider
peer flavour - 7 Orchards Perry
berry flavour - 7 Orchards Cider & Berries
All flavours are available in 330 ml and 750 ml bottles.

All flavours are available in 330 ml and 750 ml bottles.

7 Orchards

The same ciders are offered on foreign markets under the respective names of 7 Orchards CIDER, 7 Orchards Perry and 7 Orchards Cider & Berries.

7 reasons why you should savour 7 Orchards Cider

it is wonderfully refreshing, you can feel even seven times more invigorated than before drinking it
it tastes delicious, you drink it and you are in seventh heaven
it smells like orchards full of ripening fruits, you can feel 7 years old again
it relaxes you, allegedly seven times more than just lying on the grass
it brings joy, especially when you have a 7-pack (6 bottles in the fridge and one 1 in your hand)
it relaxes and gives relief like a 7-hour Pilates training and meditation all together
it brings pleasure 7 days a week.

How should it be served?

It tastes best when it is cooled.
It looks great with ice.
It has got Champagne hue and a rich flavour.
The bubbles spring up along the glass.
Try it!

Cider in kegs

Now 7 Orchards Cider can be ordered in kegs of 30 litres as well.
A keg, associated so far mainly with beer, is a perfect solution for restaurants and companies from Horeca industry. And not only. You can buy cider in a keg when throwing your own, bigger party to entertain your guests with an exquisite drink.
A fresh, natural alcohol drink from apples in a keg. A great price for Cider.

We are pleased to invite you to place your orders.

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